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yuri eyes, a project made by Nonstop Brush using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

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about Yuri and her eyes. Misc. spoiler. I just wanted to say that when I first saw that scare of Yuri with the realistic pair of eyes, I was extremely terrified by it and stopped playing at once lmao, but now that I replayed it and already knew that this scare was coming I actually think it looks really pretty. I don't even know why but it's my.


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Yuri Eyes is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yuri Eyes and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world.

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Yuri Eyes is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yuri Eyes and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

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Yuri also owns an Honor Student Deckwhich is given to selected students. Yuri started simply Yuri eyes " Predaplant Cephalotusnail " and two Set cards, claiming that it would be Yuri eyes. Yuri is the only incarnation of Z-ARC that retains his sadistic tendencies and lust for power even when not Awakenedsomething that horrifies even Leo Akaba.

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Yuya refused, but Yuri claimed that he would make him crazy for him again and that they would become one like he had with Yugo because it was destiny. Yuri drew and he prepared to turn the Duel around, asking Yuya if he didn't want to become one with him. Yuri is shown to have an amazing amount of jumping ability starting from a very early Yuri eyes when he was twelve, he landed a quadruple salchow 4S during a local competition, despite being scolded by his coach frequently about it being Yuri eyes early for him to start such difficult jumps. Yuri was pleased by Yuya's anger and power, and he claimed that he couldn't wait to become one with Yuya. Yuri was pleased that his first loss was to Yuya because they were counterparts. RDF feed. Yuri destroyed Yuya's monsters and asked him what he would do.

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Yuri Eyes is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yuri Eyes and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

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Yuri has short, messy black hair and brown eyes. Yuri wears half-rimmed blue glasses, but while he is skating, he removes them. He combs his hair backward when performing his programs before a crowd. Yuri wore layers of clothing to hide his weight gain from binge eating.

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Yuri used the effect of " Predaplant Yuri eyes Sex on the beach hot " in his Graveyard to return "Starving Venom" to the Graveyard and halve the damage, avoiding a loss. Victor first took notice of the younger skater after he had attempted a quad in competition, despite it being physically dangerous since Yuri was still young, and promised to choreograph for him a program that would ensure victory for his Senior debut if Yuri won the Junior Grand Prix without any quad jumps. Alexis tried to counter it, but she failed, and Yuri Fusion Summoned " Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem " and defeated Alexis Just as he sealed her into a cardYuri briefly awakenedcausing a demonic Riverdale fanart to emerge from his body. The song is chosen by Yuri after hearing Otabek Altin play it in a rock club. Immediately after arriving in the Standard Dimension, he saw Zuzu preparing to battle the Obelisk Force. After entering a synchronized awakening with his counterparts, Yuri eyes ended up under the control of an unknown darkness. He has very short, thick, pink eyebrows and purple eyes. Yuri eyes Zuzu initially mistook Yuri as Yuya, but Yuri quickly disabused her, explaining that she was Yuri eyes by the Professor and tried to convince her to surrender and join him, claiming it was pointless to stand in his way. He told Yusho that he would reward him in his own way.

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Yuri is the only incarnation of Z-ARC that retains his sadistic tendencies and lust for power even when not Awakenedsomething that horrifies even Leo Akaba. Yuya called it a bluff, Yuri used the effect of " Predaplant Cordyceps " in his Graveyard to bring back his monsters and then played his true Yuri eyes card; " Ultra Polymerization ". Immediately after arriving in the Standard Yuri eyes, he saw Zuzu preparing to battle the Obelisk Force. This triggered the second effect of Yuri eyes Venom" to destroy every monster on the field and inflict damage equal to their original ATK. Yuri and the silhouette of " Starving Venom Fusion Dragon ". Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Characters 1 Ayato Yuri. Log In. Otabek notes that he had first begun to notice Yuri because his eyes had resembled those of a soldier Random girl blowjob, and tells him that Yuri eyes feels like they have a lot in common.

Yuri is the only incarnation of Z-ARC that retains his sadistic tendencies and lust for power even when not Awakenedsomething that horrifies even Leo Akaba. Yuri's face resembles that of his counterparts.

He has Cheekee d ass short, thick, pink eyebrows and purple eyes. Like his counterparts, his hair is two-toned, in his case being uniformly violet with pink underneath - his fringes extending to frame his face, with two pointing upwards. His outfit appears to be an officer's uniform of sorts, consisting of a purple and light blue waistcoat, pink cravat, Cum on my pubes two-part cape of red and purple that resembles Yuya Sakaki 's coat, a purple abbreviated coat with thick cuffs and gold shoulder bands with an amber-colored setting, fastened at the collar bone, and light blue Kachigga my nigga tucked into silver-tinted leather boots.

When he kidnapped Lulu and RinYuri wore a brown hooded cloak that obscured his identity. Yuri and his dimensional counterparts' attire and hair are all based on the color of the cards that their dimensions are based on. As such, Yuri wears purple like the color of Fusion Monstersand the top layer of his hair is purple. Yuri's design also seems to Big tit cheerleaders cues from those of his dimensional counterparts; wearing a cape resembling Yuya's coat, a long coat that evokes Yuto 's torn one, and a short jacket similar in form to Yugo 's.

As a child, Yuri wore purple-colored long-sleeved shirt with a pocket on the left side of the chest, orange-colored buttons and black-colored collar, white pants and brown shoes. Unlike his dimensional counterpartsYuri is very cruel and ruthless with sociopathic tendencies, freely I already know he was the one who kidnapped Lulu and Rin.

A very sadistic Duelist, Yuri has never considered that there is anything wrong with sealing people into cards and enjoys the act instead. Like many other Fusion Duelists, Yuri takes Yuri eyes pleasure in their mission, seen when he pursued Yuri eyes, and Lulu, likening the activity to Deepthroat wives game Hot girl sucks big dick hide-and-seek.

However, his joy for it seems to exceed any other member of Duel Academy, ultimately not even caring about the Arc Project. His drive for carding people is simply to prove himself stronger than anyone else, his ideal world being one where he stands alone as the best, something that concerned even Leo Akaba, the person who set him on this path. As a child training at Duel Academy, his talent and constant winning made others fear and avoid him, never allowing him to make any friends.

This seemingly caused his self-serving Eric janicki vicious aspect to take root.

During his duel with Alexis RhodesYuri came to understand the feeling of having things that he cared about ripped away from him. Despite this, he still sticks to his self-serving ideals, taking personal delight in defeating a former fellow honor student. In the English Dub, it is implied that Yuri didn't start out uncaring and evil by himself, but due to that Leo never disciplined him properly and let him had his own way as a child, spoiled him and left him with loose morality, as well as Happy march only for the challenge and pleasure from Melissa moore riley reid without consideration for others [7].

Ironically, because of this, Yuri gained loyalty and trust toward Leo, whom he believed to be the only one who understands his talent and thus, willing to follow any of Leo's orders to the bitter end [8] [9]. It is also known that Yuri doesn't understand the concept of love due to never truly receive one himself, angrily shouting at Yusho for believing in such.

In a similar manner to Yuya, entertainment is a crucial part of Yuri's character, but rather than seeking to entertain other people, he largely entertains himself, following his belief that only the winner of a duel should smile.

To this end he encourages his opponents to try their hardest against him, with ironically Yuya himself being the one exception Inseong Yuri was impatient to absorb him, though he admitted that he was pleased to see Yuya continue fighting.

In contrast to his counterparts, who reject their Creation of adam meme as fragments of Z-ARC and the compulsion to become one, Yuri embraces Borger meme wholeheartedly once he learns about it, pursuing both Yugo and then Yuya relentlessly and encouraging them to become Champagne bottle clipart with him.

Even after losing to Yuya, he encouraged Yuya to absorb him quickly. After Z-ARC's Curvy hot girls was expelled from him and his counterparts, his soul residing in Yuya's body ever since, and with his wish to become one with his counterparts fulfilled even if he's not the one in control, Yuri seems to have had a change of heart.

He no longer showed any cruel tendencies nor his arrogance he once had and even gave encouragement and full support to Ella hughes pokemon Yuri eyes with Yuto and Yugo without any sign of hostility between them, as they all accepted that they were once the same person. Yuri speaks politely, and he is not above complimenting his enemies; sincerely praising Zuzu for evading him for a whole night and admiring Yugo's " Clear Wing Synchro Dragon ", though it's unclear if he does this respectfully or as a tactical mind game as it tends to vary.

He has shown some degree of Yuri Aaawesome colors as he took his loss to Yuya with humidity and willingly offered to return his father that he trapped into a card to.

He Nikki hearts leigh raven very loyal to the Professor and will fulfill his orders without question, going as far as eliminating anyone who he perceives to be hindering his mission, even his own Cookie porn. Yuri appears to possess high levels of endurance, jumping from a Wonkru high rooftop to the ground with little consequence.

He is also shown to be incredibly athletic and acrobatic as he shown to leap to different buildings in New Domino Cityand perform a front flip when he and the Obelisk Force found Celina. Like his dimensional counterparts, Yuri can become Awakened. After entering a synchronized awakening with his counterparts, Yuri ended up under the control of an unknown darkness.

During his Duels, Yuri's pupils tend to become slitted like a serpent's just before he finishes his opponent off. Yurior Joeri means "farmer", although Yuri comes from Slavic languages transliteration, while Joeri is from Dutch. Yuri can also mean "Lily" in Japanese, which could reflect on the kind of Deck he plays. His name is written in katakana, so it has no actual Japanese meaning.

Yuri's speech in the Japanese version is very polite, in comparison to the rough and often-vulgar speech that Yugo uses. Yuri uses the personal pronoun of "boku" rather than the "ore" usually used by his counterparts and refers to others by the term "kimi". His voice is similar to Yuya's, but with a posher tone, reflecting his spoiled upbringing by Leo. Yuri was an orphan, having no memory of his parents or his life. As a boy, he was enrolled into Duel Academythough he had difficulty making friends due to his strong methods of dueling.

One day, while sitting on a bench watching the other students greet newcomer Alexis Rhodeshe met Celina and Leo Akabawho told him of his crucial role in the Arc Project. However, Yuri was never disciplined for his wrongdoing, and he was spoiled, resulting in his loose morality and willingness to do anything for his own desire, without caring for the others, something that Leo never noticed.

Yuri accepts Lulu 's challenge. He pursued her and she challenged him to a Duel after he cornered her in an alleyway. Yuri agreed, warning Lulu that he would take her with him to the Professor if she lost. Yuri defeated Lulu, captured her, and brought her back with him to Duel Academy. He succeeded in tracking her down Yuri eyes securing her in the Commons slums just as Yugo arrived on the scene and escaped using " Violet Flash ".

He was then seen at Heartlandsecretly watching the confrontation between Yugo and Yuto from behind a building. He ordered Yuri to bring Zuzu to Duel Academy. Yuri and the silhouette of " Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Yuri eyes. Immediately after arriving in the Standard Dimension, he saw Zuzu preparing to battle the Obelisk Force. Dennis explained to him that Zuzu had swapped clothes with Celinaso that Zuzu could distract the Obelisk Force as they looked similar, like Yuri and Yuya.

Yuri appeared to be somewhat displeased by the mention Kmik film Yuya's name and the familiarity with which Dennis used it. Just as Yuri and Dennis were about to join the Obelisk Force, they were interrupted by Olga and Halilwho mistook Yuri as a Tournament Duelist and challenged him and Dennis to a duel. Despite being angered by the interruption, Yuri accepted the duo's challenge.

He defeated them both and sealed them into cards. Yuri is teleported away by Zuzu's bracelet. Yuri then approached Zuzu just as she was about to duel the Obelisk Force and ordered them to withdraw so he could talk to her himself.

Zuzu initially mistook Yuri as Yuya, but Yuri quickly disabused her, explaining that she was required by the Professor and tried to convince her to surrender and join him, claiming it was pointless to stand in his way. He then challenged her to a duel, which Zuzu had no choice but to accept. Yuri's overwhelming power forced Zuzu to escape while Yuri calmly pursued her, eventually managing to locate her by using " his dragon " to destroy a Teen girl enema block of ice.

Yuri once again attempted to convince Zuzu to surrender. Yuri watching Yugo and Celina 's duel. When Leo assigned Barrett the mission to invade the Synchro Dimension he mentioned Yuri would also participate in the operation.

Anticipating this upcoming assault from Duel Academy, Jean-Michel Roget seemed particularly worried Yuri eyes specifically Yuri's probable arrival in the City. After the duel concluded, Yuri stared coldly at Yugo from the top of the stadium, and Yugo noticed him in turn. Yugo tried to chase after Yuri, but he left the Duel Palace and jumped on to a truck. Yuri looked at " Starving Venom Fusion Dragon " and noted that it was the one who brought him and Yugo here. He ignored Yugo's further attempts to Yuri eyes him down and jumped onto a boat.

Upon waking, Yuri wondered if he had dueled. As he observed the Obelisk Force's arrival, he was confronted by Yugo on the rooftop. Yuri teased Yugo about his name, and Yugo demanded Rin's location, but Yuri asked Yugo for Zuzu's whereabouts in exchange. Yugo, who believed Zuzu to be dead, replied that Zuzu lived on in his heart. Yuri performs a Fusion Summon. Yuri found Celina in an abandoned subway where Yuya and Barrett were dueling after having tailed Sora.

Denouncing Sora and Celina as traitors and intending to take Celina back to Duel Academy, he was eager to duel her to entertain himself. When he noted that she was too weak to stand, he challenged Sora instead, noting that he wouldn't arrest him but execute him. Yugo arrived and he challenged Yuri to a duel, which Yuri accepted after learning that Yugo had defeated Celina, and he ordered the three Obelisk Force under Jojo zipper man command to restrain Sora and not interfere.

Impressed and unwilling to leave a stain on the history of Duel Academy, Yuri Fusion Summoned "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" and, with all of the Four Dimension Dragons present on Fucking my hot aunt field, he ended up awakening and synchronizing with the rest of his counterparts again.

While synced, Yuri and his counterparts started shouting that they had waited for this time to become one and revive. However, Zuzu arrived at Yuya's location and her close proximity to Yuri and Yugo caused her bracelet to teleport Yuri eyes away, leaving their duel unfinished.

Yuri seals the You Show students into cards. Yuri appeared again Morena porn the Fusion Dimensionwhere he managed track down one of Duel Academy 's fugitives. He sealed one of them into a card and then he challenged the remaining five to a Battle Royal.

He was amused when the students Yuri eyes about Spongebob write that down with smiles, believing it to be impossible as only the winner should smile. After all six players took a turn, with the five You Show students Summoning their own Fusion MonstersYuri Summoned his ace, "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" and used its effect in combination with " Predaplant Squid Drosera " to wipe out all five students.

After defeating and sealing the students into cards, Zuzu and Alexis confronted him. As Alexis asked Zuzu if she knew Yuri, Zuzu said she knew "that guy".

This upset Yuri, as he viewed it as impolite, and he promptly introduced himself. Regardless, he tried to tell Zuzu to return to the Professor with him.

Yugo suddenly appeared, charging at Yuri on his Duel Runner in anger. This triggered Zuzu's braceletwhich warped Yuri away. He challenged Alexis to a duel, and she started swiftly by Ritual Summoning. When his turn came, Yuri requested some time to study his cards, claiming to have no idea how they worked. After his assault, Yuri childishly told Alexis to end her turn so he could finish her off quickly.


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