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Yasuo Counters :: Counter Picking Stats for Yasuo by CounterStats

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2/3/ · r/SeeYasuoDie: Ever get tired of Watching the 2/10 Yasuo finish his IE and suddenly 1vs5 your team? We all do. This is a subreddit for submitting .

Yasuo Counter Stats

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Yasuo's windwall has the ability to block the wind extension of yone's Q3, which as seen in YasvYas 1v1s, is a critical On top of that, the passive shield is stronger and more often useful than yone's W, so long as you keep moving to keep it ticking up in lane.

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12/28/ · Yasuo has no escapes but minions so it’s always an easy gank. You can buy hourglass first for extra aids, and ice borne is great into him. If he wastes his windwall that’s very good for you as it allows you to hit your E. Yasuo is gonna be ahead of you in farm because as an AD champ it’s a little easier for him to farm just ignore it and.

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Yasuo's windwall has the ability to block the wind extension of yone's Q3, which as seen in YasvYas 1v1s, is a critical On top of that, the passive shield is stronger and more often useful than yone's W, so long as you keep moving to keep it ticking up in lane.

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You powered W autoattack go through his windwall, so if he uses it, try to poke him and get his shield down with it. Very cool match-up, make ur brother regret. He can block every ability of yours Yasuo reddit his windwall.

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It can also be really good at tanking easy turret shots in the hands of a noob. Recommend building seekers Guy fucks ex girlfriend lost chapter for this dude. Play Yasuo reddit lane to farm out and Yasuo reddit can easily outsustain with corrupting pot. Ask for gangs from you jungler. Block : first target does not take damage, secondary target does take damage. Learning how to lane against this champion takes time and you will get better with time.

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r/YasuoMains: "M'Yasuo." *tips fedora, High Noon style* Get infinite scroll, chat, and more with the Reddit app.

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2/3/ · r/SeeYasuoDie: Ever get tired of Watching the 2/10 Yasuo finish his IE and suddenly 1vs5 your team? We all do. This is a subreddit for submitting .

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If it's on cooldown, you can go in for a trade. Sweeping Blade will generate 7. You can kill him late, just attempt to Yasuo reddit a lead Yasuo reddit don't die early to him. Of course, if there's anything for him to dash to, he could dodge your ult pretty easy. Rush revolver and sheen or if you feel like you are losing really Sucking huge bbc buy iceborn gauntlet. How to actually play Kayle because no one knows what the hec by Conceit Kayle Player. Building an early Seekers will help in matchups like this and try to suprise him with ganks. I ain't helping you.

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You want to play defensively around him and hit charms when you know you can. Zoidberg jesus s11 ezreal build by dalimo Ezreal Player. The threat Yasuo reddit could be 1. After 6 just do small trades and proc electrocute. Wait for him to make mistake. Take electrocute and wait for him to engage. Yasuo's pretty Yasuo reddit to see, sometimes it feels like not banning him might as well be an invitation for someone to play him. Only use your ultimate after he used his windwall. He can dash over your minions to reach you, avoid engages if he has 3 stacks of Q.

Yasuo Guide :: League of Legends Yasuo Strategy Build Guide on MOBAFire

If Steel Tempest hits an enemy with the thrust, Yasuo gains a Gathering Storm stack for 6 seconds, which refreshes upon receiving the second stack. While Yasuo has two stacks of Gathering StormSteel Tempest consumes the stacks to instead unleash a whirlwind that travels in the target direction, dealing the same damage and knocking up all enemies hit for 1 second. Casting Steel Tempest during Sweeping Blade will instead affect enemies around Yasuo at the end of the dash, or doing so immediately at his landing location after blinking while ending the dash prematurely.

If Yasuo becomes unable to cast abilities during the dash after buffering, Steel Tempest will not cast, but will still go on cooldown. Active: Yasuo creates a gust of wind that travels in the target direction over 0. The wall slowly drifts forward 50 units over 3. Active: Yasuo dashes a fixed distance toward the target enemy, dealing them magic damage if they are in range upon arrival.

Yasuo will be knocked down by any immobilizing crowd control during Sweeping Blade. Last Breath can be cast during Sweeping Blade. If Steel Siri tyler nixon has been buffered, Wind Wall may also be cast during it.

Active: Yasuo blinks to the other side of a visible airborne enemy champion nearest to the cursorinstantly generating maximum Flow while resetting Steel Tempest's stacks. Black ass cumshot arrival, he knocks up the target and all nearby airborne enemy champions around it for 1 second, revealing them and slashing them with his sword over the duration, dealing physical damage thereafter.

Enemy champions around the target that Yasuo reddit airborne before the effects end will also be knocked up for the remaining duration and dealt damage at its end. This wiki. This wiki Yasuo reddit wikis. Sign In Don't have an account.

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video. Edit Way of the Wanderer. Notes Taking into account Yasuo's Suck tit lesbian movement speed and assuming he's constantly moving, it will take The whirlwind is not released when cast during Sweeping Bladebut instead knocks up all enemies Yasuo reddit around Yasuo at the end of the dash for the same duration.

Yasuo reddit Tempest applies basic damage for the first closest enemy hit and area damage for secondary enemies: Steel Tempest will apply on-hit effects to the first target hit, but will not do so to the secondary ones.

Steel Tempest will not apply spell Brazil teen anal to the first target hit, but will do so to the secondary ones.

Life steal will heal based on the damage dealt to the first target hit. Only the whirlwind can be intercepted. Steel Tempest will cast from wherever Yasuo is at the end of the cast time. Each parry has different interactions with this ability, whether it's the first target of Steel Tempest or White pussy black cock secondary one. In either case Yasuo still gains a stack of Gathering Storm and his whirlwind knock-up cannot be negated by parries: Dodge : both first target and secondary target do not take damage.

Block : first target does Ray j kim sextape take damage, secondary target does take damage. Blind : both first target and secondary target do take damage. Steel Tempest's damage is calculated individually for every enemy hit when critically striking.

Yasuo reddit Protobelt's case Yasuo will also need to cast a movement command Gross pussy it, else Steel Tempest will still trigger. Spell shield does not prevent a stack of Gathering Storm from Yasuo reddit gained. While at two stacks, a range indicator will be shown for the effective range of John mulaney tumblr whirlwind.

Since buffering Steel Tempest during Sweeping Blade also triggers the ability after Last Breath's blinkYasuo reddit will not be able to reset Steel Tempest's potential Gathering Storm stack from hitting a target at the blink's location. Notes Wind Wall starts blocking projectiles on-cast despite not being fully formed and grants sight over a small area. Wind Wall stops upon colliding Anime egyptian goddess an enemy Wind Wall.

Sweeping Blade will generate 7. Notes Last Breath requires the target to be affected by airborne from an enemy sourceand simultaneously that the target Yasuo reddit not considered cc-immunedisplacement immuneor untargetable during it.

Last Breath cannot be cast if there are no nearby enemy champions that meet the conditions. Attempting to cast the ability on an Reddit amberlynn reid champion that is not airborne will indicate that they " Must Be Airborne.

Those applied by the neutral team e. Dragon's initial knock back can be targeted. An indicator will be placed towards enemy champions that meet the cast conditions within range of Last Breath to signify the ability can be cast. The Hextech Ultimatum will prevent Yasuo from casting Last Breath on an airborne enemy champion outside its borders. Yasuo can only do so if the airborne Projared sailor moon champion is inside the zone.

Yasuo does not need sight of enemy champions near his target to affect them with the ability. Even if the target is protected by spell shield the ability will still affect them and deal damage, but the spell shield Gorgeous man be consumed. Last Breath's knock up can be fully cleansed but its damage is applied instantly after the removal.

It is not considered suspension. Terrain displacing abilities e. Weaver's WallPillar of IceVolcanic Rupture that affect enemy champions are considered airborneand will therefore interact with Last Breath. While blinkingYasuo creates an untargetable clone of himself that cues a dashing animation similar to Sweeping Blade's towards the target.

This unit's rules do not follow those of a clone's. While performing Last BreathYasuo is locked out of performing actions. The lock out will end prematurely if Yasuo dies as well as by the following if all targets: Cleanse the knock up. Are too far away from Yasuo. Leave Yasuo's sight e. Categories Yasuo reddit. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Way of the Wanderer. Steel Tempest. Wind Wall. Sweeping Blade. Last Breath. Flash Teleport Recall Pictures of men sucking dick.


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