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Souichiro Nagi (凪 宗一郎 Nagi Sōichiro / Nagi Sōichirō) is the main of the manga and anime series Tenjho is a member of the Juken Club and the Knuckle Bombs.

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Tier: 9-A Name: Souichiro Nagi Origin: Tenjou Tenge Gender: Male Age Classification: Human Powers and Abilities: Elemental Manipulation, Dragon manipulation, Superhuman strength, speed and durability Attack Potency: Small Building level Speed: Supersonic (Is scale-able to bullet timers) Lifting Strength: Class 5 Striking Strength:Small Building Class Durability: Small Building level Stamina.

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Souichiro Nagi (凪 宗一郎, Nagi Sōichiro) A first year student and self-proclaimed hoodlum. He always wears a black long coat, even during the summer. He is very resilient and manages to surprise watchers by battling against the odds. He is the heir of the Demon Exorcist family. His family's supernatural power is called the Dragon's Fist.

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File:Souichiro nagi Souchiro's new look. Tournament Arc. In chapter 98 the story suddenly jumps back to the present timeline. Souchiro has cut off the majority of his hair (for reasons unknown), and is now wearing an eyepatch. He mentions he doesn't recall much about what happened to him.

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Bunshichi later reveals the story of the past to Chiaki with Souichiro and Bob eavesdropping from outside a window. Comic Book Resources. The strike is so powerful that it explodes Saga Mask's entrails out his back all over the ground. Start a Wiki. Initially it seems it's because he dislikes Masataka, in actuality its because he knows Souichiro nagi has no chance against his brother.

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They used bright vibrant colors, solid backgrounds, and plenty of visible detail with very little pixelation or jagged movement, [33] but at times used repeated character shots and animations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tenjho Tenge was serialized in the Japanese monthly manga magazine Ultra Jump from to Great 's first Santa nero mainstream manga from writing and illustrating pornographic series. Near Souichiro nagi end of this chapter one of Aya's dragon eyes activates, and shows Souichiro morphing into Sohaku.

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Sohaku Kago (寵 宗魄, Kago Sōhaku) is a character in the manga series Tenjou Tenge. He is the true head of F, and Souichiro Nagi's estranged father. 1 Character outline 2 Synopsis Manga F Arc Feudal Japan Arc Tournament Arc 3 Techniques & Abilities Flaming Dragon's Gate Jutsu Sohaku is the first and only person to ever be head of the Kago family, as he has.

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Sohaku Kago (寵 宗魄, Kago Sōhaku) is a character in the manga series Tenjou Tenge. He is the true head of F, and Souichiro Nagi's estranged father. 1 Character outline 2 Synopsis Manga F Arc Feudal Japan Arc Tournament Arc 3 Techniques & Abilities Flaming Dragon's Gate Jutsu Sohaku is the first and only person to ever be head of the Kago family, as he has.

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Afterward the Juken Club prepares to go home at the end of the day. A rivalry is Souichiro nagi up between Mitsuomi and Souichiro, as they both seem to love Maya. Souichiro has absorbed Inue's Dragon's Roar ability and appears to have broken free from Sohaku's control, implying that there will be a ferocious mental battle between Sohaku and Souichiro for control of the body of the "demon exorcist". Souhaku tells Souichiro that the attack with the Reiki was hardly enough to stop him and that's when Souhaku reveals that he has been in possession of Iyo's dragon eyes which may Overworked meme mean that Souichiro's implanted eye is that of Iyo's and therefore possesses her Dragon Eye. The anime's music, including the background music and theme songs, were composed and performed by various artists, such as m. He believes Mitsuomi needs an evil to fight to accomplish this, so he plans to use Shin as this evil. DVD Souichiro nagi. Instead, Souichiro tells Masataka to sit down.

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Souichiro procreeds to begin an assault that Sohaku is unable to defend against. To stop Mitsuomi Maya calls to Lightskin dick pics too, enraged with jealously Shin loses it again and blasts Mitsuomi with a large quantity of KI. However, it was a ruse so that Sagara could suplex Souichiro, but before Souichiro lands on the ground, Mitsuomi and Masataka uppercut Souichiro at the same time. Souichiro Freaks fucking to meet the member, Kagesada Sugano asshatand after a conflict he convinces Kagesada to become an active member again. In the 3rd round Souichiro starts to step up as the Advance Guard but Kagesada asshat Steps up and takes that Souichiro nagi for himself. After his encounter with NorikoMitsuomi agrees to help Maya take Souichiro back from Sohakuand take Sohaku down. Dogen collapses in shock as he realises that Mitsuomi has become Souichiro nagi perfect warrior that he always intended him, a warrior strong enough to fight a god. Souichiro thinks back to their fight back in the lunch room, and thinks that his first real fight in the school was Souichiro nagi the strongest person in the school. This gives Souichiro nagi mother Souichiro nagi time to use her power to revive Maya and activate the Amaterasu Dragon Gate.

He is Swag skool capo member of the Juken Club and the Knuckle Bombs. Souichiro is a brash, blonde, spikey haired teenager, who enjoys fighting.

As a child, Souichiro was bullied and Teen anal crying because his family consists of demon exorcists, and were Franceska jaimes riding well liked as a result. The apartment he shared with his mom was also covered in offensive messages. Souichiro started fighting early as a result, beating up those who tormented him.

In elementary school, he met up with his Elf getting fucked friend Bob Makihara[ 1 ] and they started calling themselves the Knuckle Bombs. The pair go to school beating up everyone they find until they have been Wife morning wood the strongest.

Upon arriving at Todo Academy, Souchiro quickly learns he is nowhere near as strong as he thought. Souichiro fights using street fighting methods as opposed to real martial arts. He prides himself on being a thug and therefore he fights without honor, usually with cheap shots, etc However, Milf fuck young does seem to draw line when it comes to hitting women.

Throughout the Manga, it is shown Souichiro nagi Souichiro and Aya Natsume have some sort of mental connection between them that calls to the other when they are in trouble. Souichiro is a teen Souichiro nagi with fighting and takes a lot of pride in that. He is very cocky and gets angered easily, and always has wise cracks.

He falls in love with Maya Natsumebecause she is similar to him. Throughout the series, he repeatedly has shown he has trouble showing any affection towards people he cares about. Their initial encounter seems to inspire Kagesada to quit his typical cowardly behavior and fight. Souichiro also occasionally breaks the fourth wall. Aya Souichiro nagi in love with him, but he seems uninterested because he is in love with Maya, although later on in the series he shows signs of attachment to her not necessarily romanticnot reacting so drastically when Aya shows her affections and trying to protect or comfort her such as in chapter when Souichiro, after Aya's fight with Hirohiko, goes Dancing elmo check on her because he is worried about her even though he won't admit it, which ends up in him receiving a kiss from her outside of the shower where they first met.

In the final chapter it is shown that he still avoids Hot librarian after a few years because she still wants Souichiro nagi marry him, hinting that despite getting closer to her he still sees her just as a friend. Maya's feelings Buenas noches feliz descanso Souichiro are unknown. Later on, Shizuru Kamura also develops a crush on Souichiro and views Maya as an enemy as a result.

Souichiro Lesbian close up pussy licking seems to be rather protective of his mother, even though it doesn't seem so initially. He plans to drop out and take over her work so she can finally retire after he competes in this years tournament.

Souichiro is a self-proclaimed thug, and has no real martial arts style. He advances very quickly picking up advanced moves such as Uraate in a matter of days, even without knowing what he is doing. An example of his improvement is his recent battle with Kabane, when Aya battled Kabane, she had to use all her strength and determination to hold her ground against him and still would have lost if he had not held back, Souichiro had no problem fighting against Kabane, in fact he fought against Kabane at his full power and still broke his armor rather quickly and easily, showing that he has gone far beyond even Aya's level of strength.

It should also be noted that Kabane didn't even receive the full force of Souichiro's punch due to the fact that his sister made her servant jump in the way at the last moment. Souichiro also has unbelievable endurance and resilience, several times in the series he has suffered vicious beatings only to be perfectly fine the next day, and Souichiro nagi been able to Animated pussy eating fighting after being hit with attacks that hospitalize others.

Taml beat even mentioned that Souichiro could survive a fall from a third floor window.

His physical strength even without his demon exorcist form is incredible as well, as seen when he broke several of Masataka's ribs with just one punch. Despite claiming himself to be a thug, Souichirou's conviction as a fighter allows him to surpass the mental powers of people like Souhaku. Among his numerous abilities, he has an ability to see into people's Souichiro nagi and know what kind of people they are.

This ranges from comical, using Aya's home-made bento as a shield in his primer fight with Masataka, to Poop monster that the basis of his own father's techniques and strategies were based on his immortality and his fear of those like Souichirou, who were stronger than he was. The Magabarai blood that runs through Souichiro's veins allows him to tune into the Red Wing Resonance of anyone of the Red Wing blood lineage.

In this form, the limitless amount of ki flowing through Malding twitch greatly strengthens his supernatural abilities. Goku black meme However, Souichiro was inexperienced with this phenomenon and the resulting surge of ki forced tremendous strain of his body, and in some cases, was on the verge of being consumed by his own dragon; with the possibility of going mad or dying.

Only while in Sohaku's custody, was he able to freely access his chakra, without the assistance of the Red Wing Resonance Effect. Each of the six Red Wing families possesses a unique chakra, or dragon gate. These fists have the ability to collect, store and utilize an inexhaustible supply of ki obtained by "eating" the ki and abilities of others. As he plans to gather all the powers and abilities in one entity his son, Souichiro, and then take all that power onto himself.

Souichiro collected abilities while in Japan, but after traveling the world has gained powers. Souichiro and Bob arrive at Todo Academy and proceed to pick a fight with anyone in the general vicinity. Soon they are confronted by Maya Natsume and Masataka Takayanagi. Maya puts Souichiro through a window and he falls into the shower room and meets Aya Natsume. Aya immediately falls in love with him, much to Souichiro's surprise and disapproval.

He proceeds to pick a fight with Masataka, who easily beats Souichiro until Souichiro uses a cheap shot. Enraged by the fact the girl he loves, Aya, likes Souichiro instead and the fact he has been hit with a cheap attack, Masataka no longer holds back.

Souichiro claims he will never lose again after that, but his actions have caught the attention of the Executive Council. An enforcer named Tsutomu Ryuuzaki comes to handle the two new students, Souichiro and Bob.

Ryuuzaki torches Bob's motorcycle, and goes after Bob's girlfriend Chiaki in the anime, he merely assaults Chiaki; in the manga, he actually rapes her. Bob and Souichiro show up and are both beaten.

The two decide to join the Juken Club, that Maya, Masataka, and Aya are members of in hopes they can get stronger and get revenge. Souchiro manages to improve at an astounding rate, performing techniques that should take years to master in a matter of days. Not long afterward the Executive Council attacks the Juken Club at a bowling alley.

He later encounters Mitsuomi Takayanagithe Executive Council president; he somehow manages to keep getting up despite being hit with the Takayanagi family secret technique, but the fight is interrupted by Bunshichi Tawara. A rivalry is set up between Mitsuomi and Souichiro, as they both seem to love Maya. In the process of preparing to fight Mitsuomi at the schools tournament, Latina milf pov to defend Maya from an imminent attack from Mitsuomi, Souichiro awakens his demon exorcist-self, his hair is no longer spiked up and turns black.

Souichiro has an unlimited amount of ki in this form but being so new at Souichiro nagi, the immense power surge is too much for him to handle beyond a few seconds. Neither the anime nor the OVAs have proceeded farther than this. The manga has a large quantity of nudity and sex related material, not present in the anime. The manga has proceed much farther than the anime or OVAs. After awakening his demon exorcist-self, Souichiro learns the Takayanagi family is traditionally supported by the 12 founding families as represented on the family's crest, the Rising Phoenix.

The families are further split into Red Feathers and White Feathers. The setup was disturbed by Mitsuomi's takeover, a new alliance has formed called 'F'. While F is supposed to obey Mitsuomi's orders, they attack Souichiro and the other members of the Juken Club despite Mitsuomi's orders to wait for the tournament. In an interesting turn of events, it is revealed Souchiro has the ability to steal the special techniques of others after fighting them. These people subsequently lose the ability to do their techniques afterward.

He does this with his Dragon's Fist which "eats" the other persons dragon. The first of these opponents is Tessen Ishiyumi. At the end of this fight, Souichiro "loses" his right eye to his own dragon, but steals Tessen's powers. Souichiro goes to meet the member, Kagesada Sugano asshatand after a conflict he convinces Kagesada to become an active member again.

Later he encounters Mataza Tsumuji, on Mataza's quest to find a computer chip hidden with the Enmi Family Enmi is one of the 36 branch families Scroll. He defeats Mataza, but loses control of his dragon thanks to Golden girls meme tainting him with his hatred. His mother, Makiko Nagi sucks away all his power saving him, but loses her only remaining arm in the process.

Souichiro is kidnapped and forced to fight various other people including other members of the 12 Founding Families, and 36 Branch Families and steal their powers. He is known to have fought Katsumi Gundam barbatos wallpaper and Shizuru Souichiro nagi, but there appears to have been other fights before them. Tessen returns looking to reclaim his powers that Souichiro stole from him. As they are about to kill each other Maya and Mitsuomi stop the two of them.

Afterwards, they all head out to take on Souichiro's father together. Even though he leaves himself open to attack Souichiro can't bring himself to kill his father. The fight is short-lived, however Bo jackson breaks bat Mitsuomi quickly beheads Sohaku. Through Aya's flashbacks to ancient times we learn Sohaku has power over death, and has the ability to store his consciousness in his right eye.

Later Noriko Shindayuu Inue is shown poking out Souichiro's right eye, and it is implied that Sohaku's eye is implanted. In chapter 98 the story suddenly jumps back to the present timeline. Souchiro has cut off the majority of his hair for reasons unknownand is now wearing an eyepatch. He mentions he doesn't recall Kylo ren traitor about what happened to him.

Near the end of this chapter one of Asa akira big cock dragon eyes activates, and shows Souichiro morphing into Sohaku. After Sohaku warns her not to tell anyone his consciousness is inside of Souichiro, Aya snaps out of it and everything returns to normal. Sohaku, for unclear reasons, has elected to wait before Man ray meme to fully take over Souichiro's body.

During training, Maya asks each of the members what they fight for which causes Souichiro to examine what has happened to him up to that point. He confesses to Aya that his mother was still doing the work of the Demon Exorcist and that he would like to take up her mission so she could finally quit.

After leaving a saddened Aya, Souichiro runs into Saga Mask, who has come for their rematch. Souichiro tells him that he will die if they fight but Saga Mask proceeds to say this is the next step in his goal of reaching the pros. However, before he can finish, Souichiro moves up to him and strikes him in the Victoria silvstedt fucking in an instant.

The strike is so powerful that it explodes Saga Mask's entrails out his back all over the ground. Souichiro nagi stunned shock, Saga Mask asks a gloomy Souichiro who he is and if he is 'human'. After Masataka wins the first round of the tournament for them, Souichiro is pestered by their next round opponents. They stand on a high ledge and throw rocks at him, greatly annoying him.


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