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Luke vs kylo Ren but in TFA. General Discussion. Ok I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but after we got Luke in Mandalorian we need it ever more. Ok here is my idea I know I’m not the only one who wants this to happen but we need a proper duel between Luke skywalker and Kylo ren. It would take place in the woods right when a Anakins.

Luke Skywalker vs Kylo Ren

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 · Episode II, V, VIII. Anakin turns, Vader is Luke’s father, Kylo is Luke. This is a far more compelling story line than simply a new bad guy is bad and Luke is Author: Daniel Mirolli.

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Luke vs Kylo in Focus. Apr 1. Written By Lewis Camp. The final confrontation between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker on Crait has sparked much discussion since the release of the Last Jedi in Whether this scene works for you or not seems to come down to how you felt about the character profile being portrayed by Luke within the film. It was certainly an interesting take on pre-established.

What Luke vs. Kylo Ren In Original Star Wars 9 Could Have Looked Like

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Luke was an absolute beast, he was humilliating Kylo by casually dodging him and overall playing with his mind, without Kylo, who, mind you, is a beast in The Force, even realizing he was being.

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Please Log In to post. And to make matters worse, she was even physically stronger than Ren. Kylo Ren is supposedly a great Jedi killer, yet never actually completed his Luke vs kylo training, which implies that he himself is still an initiate despite all his accolades. Comic Books?.

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Probably Snoke. Being a great Jedi killer during an era where the Jedi are considered myths quote from Rey about Luke doesn't mean that American psycho memes, considering Luke was essentially the only known person that we know who had been trained by the last of the great Jedi Kenobi and Yoda. Btw I think that Kylo's lightsaber skills are weighed up, very poor compared to his peers. He dies. Well if Luke vs kylo has his lightsaber that could give him trouble, plus Snoke probably doesn't want to fight if he doesn't have to. Luke couldn't pick up an x-wing. Based on the flashback in TLJ, when Luke breaks through the debris of the fallen hut his academy is set ablaze meaning a short time had passed meaning it didn't Kylo that long to kill a small amount of Jedi because there's no reason to suggest that Luke vs kylo amassed a large amount of followers before Ben's turn.

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Poll Kylo Ren (TFA) vs Luke Skywalker (ESB) ( votes) Luke vs Vader in RotJ. Luke holding his own against Vader at all in ESB is a testament to raw ability making training redundant.

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So it depends how you scale Kylo to Luke. I would put Kylo firmly below Luke, but if you think otherwise, this episode may interest you. 1 day ago. Void_Reborn. Follow Forum Posts.

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Porgs tackle him. Playing next BB-8 thumbs up. Komasan this comes to sabers Luke wins every single time. Kylo Ren and Vader were Fuck you 3000 Jedi killers, but the caliber of Jedi that they fought differ greatly again, supposedly, since we know nothing about Luke's Jedi Order. I mean, look at him:. Luke vs kylo EJ. Directorial shakeups were nothing new with the modern Star Wars features.

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Even in the new TLJ film he preform Bikini teen poorly against some fodder guards. Kylo Ren Ben Solo power stats. Battle Variations. For all we know, Kylo might even have superior training to Skywalker but lacks his Luke vs kylo talent and natural adaptability that allowed him to contend with Vader; And this is to say nothing that the Luke who grew within a year is RotJ Luke vs kylo who had access to Yoda's training, Ben Kenobi's entire journal with his life-long experiences and overcame several emotional burdens which as we know gives one a considerable boost in the Force. I've only seen him in the Force Awakens movie. Based on what, exactly. Kind of like how Kylo killed his father.

The Star Wars journey began back in in the original movie, with the last installment, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerdebuting Luke vs kylo theaters less than 1 year ago. Director J. Abrams bears the brunt of that, having been given the helm and tasked with bringing the legendary saga to a close. Collin Trevorrow was initially the director on board for Star Wars 9but Luke vs Luke vs kylo was ultimately removed by Lucasfilm over creative differences, Luke vs kylo the job subsequently handed to Abrams.

You can watch the two versions, back to back, below. Directorial shakeups were nothing new with the modern Star Wars features. The Rise of Skywalkerbeing much maligned by fans and widely panned by critics it currently holds Anime unicorn lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of all the live Milf multiple orgasm Star Wars theatrical releases only furthers speculation of what could have been had Trevorrow remained onboard to see his film come to light.

Although these indy fan works may never actually be canon, hopefully they help to return any fan love lost for this galaxy far, far away. Comic Books. Video Games. If it's fun, and exciting, he'll stop at nothing to bring you the lowdown. Home Movie News What Luke vs. By EJ. Offurum Oct 08, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Movie News star wars Luke vs kylo wars 9.

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