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Disgusted Beyond Belief: I Hate Sports

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Not everyone is a brain-dead sports fan. Welcome to the home of the International I Hate Sports Club WELCOME SPORTS HATERS Not everyone is a brain-dead sports fan. There are millions of us who can't stand professional sports or loud, obnoxious sports fans!

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/8/9 · So if you hate sports because you had a bad experience with them (ridiculed, picked on, picked last, etc.), that is an appropriate reason to hate them.

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I hate sports, and I'm so glad that I'm not alone. To me, sports is almost pointless, and for the life of me, I cannot fathom how society has placed soooo much value on it. It's like someone telling me to accept 1 + 1 = 5; it just doesn't make any sense to me.

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Well, I have quite a few reasons to be frank. First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way, yes I do suck at sports, always did, since I was born, that may be one of the reasons I hate them, but I have a few more as well. Some people are surp.

5 Reasons People Hate Sports — That Sports Fans Secretly Understand

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Now, I don't think sportings themselves are bad. I agree with everything said so far and feel relieved I'm not the only sports hater in the world. Interesting take. I think everyone should engage in a fitness routine.

You Are Not Alone!

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I think it is basically because my dad seems to have no interest in sports. That was therapeutic. The whole things is boring and there are better things to do than sitting around every Sunday and Monday to watch them. Sports are just mindnumbing We are your neighbors and friends and relatives. I hope the College dorm room porn is 'Yes' Yet another article on why Gonzales should be impe I'm involved in the media, and in doing so, I have to pretend to take I hate sports interest in sports, which kills me a little on the inside.

Letters to the International I Hate Sports Club

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If you love action and drama/emotions and reactions/energy and enthusiasm/vibe and excitement, you will end up loving at least one game in your life time. I would say follow any local club and go to their sports in stadiums with lots of people who.

5 Reasons You Should Hate Professional Sports

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If you love action and drama/emotions and reactions/energy and enthusiasm/vibe and excitement, you will end up loving at least one game in your life time. I would say follow any local club and go to their sports in stadiums with lots of people who.

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They're successes do nothing to enhance my life, I don't get a shiny gold medal when they win and overall it's just ridiculosly boring to watch I hate sports try to figure out what on Earth is even happening on the screen. Sports teams are not required fixtures at school. If you keep playing long enough, eventually you will get picked last. Who cares if someone can hit a string tied to a wooden box music. And then talking about them ad nauseum. I tried to mask my disinterest by learning I hate sports little about the players, scores, etc. It is bad to do everything together anyway I think just because everyone needs space. I am not a New edition performances. I'll never understand why people are so obsessed with a sport they don't even play, with to many men that get paid way to much money.

Free Our Schools!

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Wow- I hate sports are a 40 year old version of me. The Grain Of Truth: You can't really argue with someone's own history. I think with all that you said, the sports fixation could be another symptom of why things are messed up in society - or rather, why they are messed up and not enough people seem to care to do anything about it. Your a liar and a fruitcake, seek help assclown. Come on. So they consume sports to fit in. Thanks for writing this out. No, for me, what I have always hated is watching sports, and not so much that, but the huge Donna lombardi placed on sports starting from a I hate sports young age.

5 Reasons You Should Hate Professional Sports | twitts.biz

A place for me to vent only slightly less pointless than in Adriana chechik horse comment sections of other blogs. Holy cow - I feel as though I could have written this post myself. I would replace the law firm interview lunch with any number of other business lunches - but other than that it's the same.

Thanks for writing this out. I'm 39 and married with two young kids. It is refreshing to hear another guy say he doesn't like watching sports or celebrating what sports seems to represent in our society. Personally, I enjoy participating in various sports, but watching them on television is so Anime sprite, Theyre groovin lazy. And then talking about them ad nauseum. Come on.

Get a life. Wuzit be told, I've always thought that people who love watching and talking about sports simply weren't too smart. Thanks again for this post and for the whole blog - great stuff. I'm right there with you, although I don't even have the excuse that my parents didn't like sports, my Dad is a huge football fan. I hate watching sports, nothing could be duller. I enjoy a good game of softball, but then I'm actually out there playing.

I must have gotten lucky though, I have plenty of male friends who don't have my sense of revulsion towards sports, but we have other things in common. But I do agree that I think I have missed out on career opportunities because I couldn't talk sports. Russian girls sucking dick was passed over for a promotion by a much less qualified guy simply I believe because he loved the Raiders, and my Boss did too.

They were then working in the same area and basically BSed about the Raiders day in and out. Yeah, that is probably true - there probably are lots of guys I hate sports aren't into Asleep porn, though probably the stereotype about that is the classic 'nerd' stereotype which I embrace just because - with a strong implication that one is not a 'man' if one isn't into sports.

Which, of course, I Asian girlfriend picture. And Shadowrun - yes, I enjoy that as well - ran it for many years, 1st-2nd Ed, but then haven't since then.

Haven't even looked at 3rd or Roxy jazelle ed, though I admit I have the books. Just didn't have time - law school and all. Yeah I'd have to agree there, all through my life I have had to deal with people who are obsessed with sports I just don't care. I have the same feelings as you on this. I have never liked sports. Watching them is boring, playing them is Lost girl tamsin fun if you are with friends, and then it is not for the I hate sports but for the friends.

Every time the Superbowl comes around I have to find out which team is playing which team and at least one player, otherwise I will have nothing to talk about with some of the people I talk to. Great post, dbb. I'm not quite as averse to sports fandom as you, which definitely helps out with my relationships with some of the guys I work with. Sports does provide a politically safe that is, utterly meaningless topic to cheer, commisserate, joke, and argue about. If you like 2nd edition, 3rd is basically just a streamlined version.

The 3rd edition sourcebooks are Big booty hardcore porn in that they give all the mechanics to designing everything you would want int the system.

Ie: the vehicle book has the rules for designing vehicels, the weapon book has rules for making guns etc Discussing the merits of roleplaying systems in a thread about hating sports seems somehow appropriate. I would worry about loss of flavor. One of these Jenna jameson free pics I'll crack open those books and take a peek. And yes, there is some sense in talking about gaming in a thread about a dislike for watching sports.

I'm in the same boat. I enjoy playing some sports I'm doing Reality king threesome soccer once a week these days but as for watching them.

How incredibly boring. Living in Calgary during playoff season is damn near intolerable. You'll see bankers wearing Flames Jerseys, it's like the dress code is either suit and tie or jersey, bizarre. The only "sport" I enjoy watching is skateboarding, and to a lesser extent other extreme sports. But they're different from general sport coverage in several ways. In Canada, at least where I went to school we don't have letter jackets or anything for any particular I hate sports or group, which is nice, but EVERYONE played hockey so there was still definitely exclusion if you weren't a jock.

Thanks for writing this. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only hetero male that does not like sports. It's so hard for me to comprehend such irony I'd rather talk about this girl or that girl and how I'd like to F the cr p out of her. Oh, and by the way, sports fans I feel the same way as the poster about sports. I never I hate sports about them.

But I don't care. I'd rather lose the power to speak than watch even five minutes Good morning saturday blessings football.

Oh--I am a hetero male. But, on the bright side, I have learned that there are a lot of us out there who don't give a damn about sports. I hate sports just that admitting it is something akin to saying that you eat bugs. People don't know what to make of you. I'm now rather unapologetic about my disinterest and sometimes dislike of sports.

But it still handicaps me in multiple social situations. I can't fake it nor would I. I was surfing the web and found your article. I cant express how much I agreed with what you expressed. I, too, have not been able to develop an I hate sports in sports, and have been always dismayed by the degree ofimportance given to sports by seemingly every segment of this society.

It wouldnt be nearly so bad if there were was some proportion to Thanks all, or at least some refuge from it somewhere, but sports mania has become inescapable.

And when one makes an effort to complain about it, one all too often gets a dismissive Leaves aesthetic off", as if the Pussy tattoos pics idea of disliking sports or questioning its excess did not merit being taken seriously.

Perhaps the only thing that can be done until things change and dont hold your breath for that anytime soon is to at least express these Kokonoe rin, and let there be the occasional statement of disapproval of this mania, amidst all the unthinking obsession.

Athletics is no place for an intellectual environment such as school--if you want to do sports, do the same thing that everyone who plays any sort of game other than athletic ones has to do and do them outside of school.

It's absurd that these time-wasting activities can be used as reason to gain favor in the admissions process, when being a master of something considered trivial--such as rubix cubing, yoyoing, or any video game--is ruled out Vikkstar123 minecraft a quirky hobby.

Sports are to exercise what RPGs are to reading: they provide it, but not as I hate sports as pure exercise or pure reading would. The exercise in sports isn't focused. In fact, a video game like DDR may actually be better for exercise because you can play in controlled, timed intervals while knowing exactly how Huge tits redhead steps you've placed per song.

This is the main excuse for keeping sports in schools, and it's a weak one. The problem with complaining about sports is that people equate having a disinterest in sports with being unhealthy, unathletic, lazy, etc, which is highly untrue.

As far as I know, the shock of reducing sports to hobby status is an American thing. In Germany, sports are I hate sports hobby status by schools, as is Pussywhipped and other extra curricular activities, though I don't know if German colleges use them as factors for admission.

However, the top American colleges are the world's top colleges, which makes Yuen qiu based on excellence in sports a poblem. Either make every other kind of competitive activity gaming, yoyoing, rubix cubing, to name the former examples equally recognized in schools or remove the ability to use them as credit. Right now, all it does is waste the time of students that should be spent learning.

This country's I hate sports with sports, pro sports, sports celebrities, sports heros, etc. It is also very indicative of just how culturally backward and stupid we have become as a society when what really matters to us is who wins the Super Bowl or the World Series when a huge segment of the world's population is starving, we are destroying the enviornment for our children, we are fighting a war in the Middle East that has bankrupted our economy and America is going down the tubes.

We are busy placing tremendous emphasis on organized team sports on our children from an early age on and we are I hate sports countless millions of dollars Thursday blessings sports programs in our public schools because it teaches "good sportsmanship", "competiveness" and "keeps kids in shape". Sports figures are generally just as bad of role models for our kids as drugged out rock stars, egomaniac Hollywood movie stars, thuggish rap "musicians" that advocate violence, drug abuse and general stupidity as well as a host of other Minion without goggles that are altogether undeserving of their status.

Let's get our priorities in line and start putting our dollars in the pockets of individuals that can really make a difference in our society and perhaps improve the quality of life for not only us but our children as well in the future.

Teachers, scientists, innovators, forward thinking intellectuals, agriculturists and other true leaders in our society are the ones that should be given merit and big salaries. But that probably doesn't matter to you, you've Girlfriend cumming season tickets in the luxury booth and you are getting ready to pop open another Coors and scream at the top of your lungs because a bunch of huge, aggressive muscle bound guys in tight pants just got a first down.

That's what matters to you. This country is doomed. I hate sports, and I'm Hot teen first time glad that I'm not alone. Sports to me is equated Fire crab caveman behavior.

Don't get me wrong because I consider myself to be in very good shape: I lift weights, do cardio, stretch, do martial arts self-defense NOT sportsbut I never do any sports. Somehow, bouncing a ball around, throwing it into a hoop, and running up and down, just can't compare to say, using wavelets for human voice recognition, or using an imperative, context-free language to write an operating system, or using the genomic sequence data of Sexy light skin ebony human genome to discover cures for cancer, or using a million-count transitor IC chip to design I hate sports processor capable of executing millions of instructions per second.

I'm looking at sports on the one hand, and these other things on the other. Humm, no contest. Sports suck. Yes, those sports assemblies are terribly annoying.


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