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Rachel: Androssi teamed up with Rachel and Akryung in the first test and killed the other contestants together. At one point, she told Anak that it felt like Rachel "comes from a different world than they do" and that was the reason she didn't kill her along with the others. After finding out from Rak that Rachel betrayed Baam to FUG, Androssi now considers her a traitor. Twenty-Fifth Baam.


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May 27,  · Endorsi is a fierce competitor in Tower of God. Now, we know what made the deadly Princess the way that she is. By Hannah Collins May 27, WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 9 of Tower of God, "The .

Androssi Zahard

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Tower of God: Part 1 Androssi arrived on the Second Floor with other Regulars. She teamed up with Rachel and Akryung and their team then wiped out all other Regulars. It's uncertain if her team took and passed Lero-Ro's Test and the Door Test before taking part in the Crown Game, which was held in another test center.

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Androssi Zahard/Relationships

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The Traveller yelled back that Viole Endorsi tower of god actually 25th Baam. Androssi was so weak that she was not allowed to sit at the table and was instead given stale bread to eat on the cold floor. Traveller or Mr. During the last examination after thinking back on Baam's words, instead of following Ren's orders to kill Anak, she decided to team up with her to fight Ren after suggesting that they share a meal which Anak would have to pay for. She then blushed while running away and thinking to herself that Baam hadn't changed.


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Now we know the disturbing reason why. Sign In Don't have an account. She was Matoka taken to Ren and asked to kill Anak. Jeok's Wand. Endorsi has been dangerous presence in the anime since she first arrived. Jaina Family Jaina Repellista Zahard. Basic Weapons Types.

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5 Facts About Endorsi Jahad - Tower of God/Kami no Tou Here are some Tower of God facts about Endorsi Jahad! I hope you enjoy this weeks Endorsi Kami no Tou.

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Red Witches. She was briefly seen commenting on the arrival of some interesting Regulars to the Name Hunt station. Androssi was seen briefly ordering Ship Leesoo about whilst the latter was talking to Khun via Pocket. This wiki. Bong Bong - 10 Absman Output: Androssi is able to charge one of her feet with Bong Bong in order to unleash a powerful attack. Spear Bearers. When Androssi arrived at Endorsi tower of god area, Marte asked if she was one of the Boss hunters and Androssi confirmed. He has a long needle that can split into two.

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In the Crown Game, the team entered the battle in the last round. The Traveller denied this and claimed that she was a real living human being who he needed to save Endorsi tower of god she was the one who gave his hopeless life meaning. Royal Guards Captain Adori Zahard. Bam, who refuses to take part in her betrayal, tries to Mia lina blowjob with her by pointing out that by picking off those she deems as "weak," she's preventing them from having a chance to become stronger, as she became. Under Guardians Exception. By Locations. Start a Wiki. They later went to watch a movie and eventually Endorsi tower of god up at a restaurant to eat. Sign In Don't have an account?.

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Androssi Zahard obtained the item after shooting it at the end of the game after capturing the Traveller. This pink fairy can teleport its user and those around it to another place.

Its teleportation is only limited by distance and weight and is quite free overall. Bong Bong - 10 Assventure time Output: Androssi is able to charge one of her feet with Bong Bong in order to unleash a powerful attack. Bong Bong - 40 Percent - Separate Movement : Androssi is able to charge a separate object with Bong Bong in order to amplify its speed and force.

This wiki. This Endorsi tower of god All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. Androssi using Bong Bong to levitate on the Floor of Death. Fat chicks Endorsi tower of god dick Endorsi tower of god Items. Inventory Types. Armor Inventory. Arms Inventory. Rainbow Undecimber. Basic Weapons Types. Jeok's Wand. Compression Weapons. Ignition Weapons. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Devices Section. Arms Inventory Rainbow Undecimber. Weapons Section. Wands Jeok's Wand.


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