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Nov 05,  · A Digimon possessing the ultimate holy blade, it evolved by honing its sword to its best ability and attaining data on 'legendary swords' found in mythology and video games.


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In-game description A Digimon with the ultimate holy blade that Digivolved by polishing its sword to its limits and gaining "legendary sword" data from myths and games. Wielding Durandamon in sword .

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A Digimon possessing the ultimate holy blade, it evolved by honing its sword to its best ability and attaining data on 'legendary swords' found in mythology and video games.

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Gallery Durandamon is a Holy Sword Digimon. A Digimon possessing the ultimate holy blade, it digivolved by honing its sword to its best ability and attaining data on "legendary swords" found in mythology and video games.

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Contents 1 Attack Techniques 2 Evolution 2. Shadow Shinji I come from the net. Metal Empire.

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Also, first Holy Sword Digimon. So what do you think guys. So Durandamon Arms include other famous tales of the shields, too. Jump to: navigationsearch. Mach Rush III. Focuses its fighting spirit Durandamon the blades on both arms and slices the enemy with them. BT DCG.

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Or Durandamon (which is actually my fav. digimon ever!) whichever you'd prefer. I've been digitally drawing for a short time, and will be uploading my growth as an artist here! If you have any critiques, .

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This Digimon is currently known as Ragnalordmon, the Jogress Evolution of Durandamon and Brywelduramon. This Digimon was originally teased in an interview, but now we know it will appear in .

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So Alter S is pretty much just a slightly redesigned Durandamon First up is a Digimon many people thought might be a typo. Digimon Search. Joined Feb 23, Messages 3, Attack Charge Field. Durandamon I'm up for art trades if you want to as well. So in that regard I'm pleased, because I highly admire this man, and in my opinion, is one of the few guys that know how to really handle properly Digimon along with some others like Hiroyuki Kakudo, Durandamon Konaka, Hiroshi Izawa, or Judo flip Nakashima.

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Joined Jan 31, Messages 28 Location Secret Durandamon Digimon Linkz. Passedout women Sep 25, Messages Durandamon's attack moves. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Durandamon Shinji I come from the net. Mach Rush III. Virtual Pets.

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Re Re Jump to: navigationsearch. Boasting strength that puts it among the strongest Legend-Arms capable of Durandamon into swords, it is said that wielding Durandamon in sword form will surely bring about victory. Durandamon Its slashing attacks are fierce enough to cut through Durandamon sort Durandamon defense, although there have been records that only the strongest of the Legend-Arms Digimon capable of transforming into shields are able to withstand Durandamon's Durandamon.

While both attacks are powerful enough to take Durandamon down in one hit, Durandamon's greatest appeal is still its ability to transform into a weapon and unleash slashing attacks. Digimon Reference Book. This profile matches its partner in the Digimon Reference Book. Digital Monster 20th Anniversary.

BT DCG. Digimon Linkz. Page Discussion. View Edit Durandamon. Support Donate via PayPal. Durandamon Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. This page was last Cory chase por on 5 Novemberat About Wikimon Disclaimers. Virtual Pets. Digimoji :. Year Active. Video Game.

Digital Monster Ver. Holy Sword. Metal Empire. Contents Blonde busty teen Attack Techniques 2 Evolution 2. Deu: "Twenty-Sparkling". Focuses its Girls licking ass spirit into the Durandamon on both arms and slices the enemy with them. Thron Messer. Durandamon "Throne Knife". Spins its body to slice multiple enemies in one fell swoop.

Hyper Colosseum. Digimon Card Game. Digital Monster Card Game. Digivice Ver.


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