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PlayStation 2 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Alternate titles: Makai Senki Disgaea. Nippon Ichi Software RPG (strategy) View: text icon icon+ list. Sprites Etna Flonne Gordon Jennifer Laharl Lamington Marjoly Midboss Prier Prinny Kurtis Thursday Vulcanus. Classes Angel Archer Brawler (female) Brawler (male).

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Male Fighter Sprites (Disgaea 2).png × ; 9 KB Marionette Sprites (Disgaea 2).png × ; 11 KB Mystic Beast Sprites (Disgaea 2).png × ; 12 KB.

Sprite Database - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

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Description. In the Playstation 2 games Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Succubi are a class of demon that have the appearance of a lightly-dressed woman with horns and bat wings, much like that of Morrigan Aensland from twitts.biz also have comically large breasts. Most monsters in the Disgaea games seem to be male, with, of course, the exceptions of the.

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Adell SD. Ninja M. Zetta SD. Magic Knight F. Dark Priest.

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Item Icons. Laharl Girl. Disgaea sprites Tyrant. This page does not work well in portrait mode on mobile. Fire Demon. Please rotate your device.

Nintendo Switch - Disgaea 5 Complete - The Spriters Resource

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Back to Top. Copyright © Sprite Database All rights reserved. All game characters, graphics, sounds, and other materials are property of their original.

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Whew, finally finished. @[email protected] I've been working on these a lot over the past few days. Ugh, I absolutely hated working on the Adell sprite. How is it that the character with the simplest design was the hardest to make? T___T Oh yeah, and I also noticed that I accidentally made Disgaea 2 version Laharl for my Disgaea 1 sprites.

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Hello, Guest. Prism Rangers. Dark Knight. BlueZero Nov 5,AM. I'd probably dig around for them myself if I had access to a switch or the available disk space for a full dump Please rotate your device. You must be Disgaea sprites in with an active forum account to post comments. Reaper SD.

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BlueZero Nov 5,AM. Fighter M. Medic SD. Seraphina's Father. Weapons Magichange, Gun. Fuka Kazamatsuri. Salvatore the Magnificent. Flora Beast.

PlayStation 2 - Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories - The Spriters Resource

Hello, Guest. Login Register. Register today to join in with discussions on the forum, post comments on the site, and upload your own sheets. Sprites Models Textures Sounds.

Disgaea 5 Complete. Almaz von Almandine Adamant. Artina Sister. Asagi Asagiri. Flonne Pure. Fuka Kazamatsuri. Killia Awakened. Laharl Girl. Priere Overlord. Red Magnus. Disgaea sprites the Magnificent. Sapphire Rhodonite. Seraphina Bunny Girl. Usalia Awakened. Valvatorez Tyrant. Void Dark. Miscellaneous Monsters. Seraphina's Father. Disgaea sprites Knight. Asagi Class. Celestial Host. Celestial Hostess. Dark Knight. Fight Mistress. Lady Samurai. Magic Knight. Martial Artist. Dragon King.

Flora Beast. Nether Noble. Sea Angel. Slumber Cat. Twin Dragon. Winged Warrior. Weapons Axe. Weapons Bow. Weapons Fun, Fist. Weapons Gun. Weapons Magichange, Axe. Weapons Magichange, Bow.

Weapons Disgaea Disgaea sprites, Fist. Weapons Magichange, Gun. Weapons Magichange, Spear. Busty hentai nurse Magichange, Staff. Weapons Magichange, Sword. Weapons Spear. Weapons Staff Effects. Weapons Staff. Tiny hard nipples Weapons Sword.

Almaz and Sapphire Skill "Captured Princess". Etna Skill "Sexy Beam". Metallia Skill "World is Metallia's". Priere Skill "Requiem Aeternam Fin". Seraphina Skill "Battle Orchestra". Toro and Kuro Skills. Usalia Disgaea sprites "Prinnical Meteor". Zetta and Petta Skill "X Beam". Dialogue Portraits.

Character Icons Humans. Character Icons Monsters. Item Icons. Miscellaneous Cutscene Sprites. Miscellaneous NPCs. You must be logged in with an active forum account to post comments. This page Disgaea sprites not work well in portrait mode on mobile.

Please rotate your device. DreamyCat Sep 6,PM. Not sure if this comment will ever be seen, but it seems that Chara World event sprites are still missing. Satoh Nov 28,AM. Thanks, Bush. Thanks a lot for the huge updates, I noticed you posted an answer on the forum like A year ago I feel ashamed to never ever noticed it sigh, thanks for everything. DreamyCat Oct 13,PM. I'm so happy that the weapon sprites are finally here.

Thanks for ripping all of this. Satoh Jul 16,AM. I'd really like to take a closer look at the nine-tails class monsters I'd probably dig around for them myself if I had access to a switch or the available disk space for a full dump The stuff that's here already is pretty cool though, so thanks to anyone who contributed.

Doogie Dec 7,AM. I'm so glad that Christo is here. BlueZero Nov 22,AM. I'm so happy that you got Killia. That and the weapons would be the best thing ever. I can't wait to see the rest of them.

Omg, that's so awesome, thanks a lot, I can't wait to see Red Magnus, he always been my fav since I own the game xD Hope you can manage to rip the full screens animations too BlueZero Nov 5,AM. I am so excited that you're finally Rinmaru game these.

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