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Delta Sans was a raid boss in Undertale AU Destroyer. He required 5 Resets and LOVE 50 to fight. 1 Attacks (Cycle) Phase 1 Phase 2: 2 Strategies 3 History Rising Blue Bone (Stuns) (1) Bone Circle (1) Delta Blast (1) Blaster Circle (1) Blue Gaster Blaster.

Delta Sans Guide

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Delta Sans is a powerful class and heavy combo relying with 16 moves in total close to a GT Chara's moveset. It can pull off insane damage with various combos while also having the perfect requirements of a duelist. It has counters, ranged attacks, combo-links.


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Delta!Sans Community Recent blog posts Help Explore Recent Changes Random page Community Videos Images Discuss Delta sans Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share please, stop spamming the combat moves its annoying. i mean its ok but.

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/12/18 · (Namely sans and jevil..) #shooter #deltarune #undertale #sans #jevil Download Deltatale Boss Battles by tswagerty @tswagerty 13 Follow Overview Comments 16 Followers 13 Free Deltatale Boss Battler Version: about 2 years ago Download ( MB) 4/5(4).

Delta Sans

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Chara describes him. Categories :. This wiki All wikis. This is one of your best match ups. You have quite the options to break it, 3 Wheel emoji in particular is the best to break it.


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Bete Noire isn't very tanky so you can combo them pretty easily. This wiki All wikis. The Combat Killer. Namely sans and jevil. Cancel Save. This wiki. Start a Wiki.

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Delta!Sans (Ultratale)

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Delta!Sansがイラスト付きでわかる! Delta!Sansとは、ゲーム「Undertale」の二次創作である「Ultra!tale」の登場人物である。 注意 この記事にはゲームUndertaleのネタバレ要素が含まれています。 概要 元々は本家同様のんびりとした性格のSansだったが最後の回廊でのOmega!Charaとの戦闘で体を .

Delta Sans [+]

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Start a Wiki. Rather than just using Final 1 and going back to your original form, just stay in Pee wee herman tequila second form since you have boosted stats. After you used up that move, keep spamming melee to get their mana low. Sign In Don't have an account. Normal 1 and 3 can be used as combo-links which means linking combos so you can connect powerful attacks without being afraid it might get canceled. Their jaws Delta sans colored orange to represent bravery. Bete noire, while on paper looks scary and unbeatable with her Akumu Shield. Only use your Final 1 if your sure it will hit because you don't heal Delta sans Constipated meme go back to your original form. Being; Combat 5, Combat 6, and Bones 2.

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Published On. Remember, Frisk has an auto dodging chance of 1 out of 3 so while your doing your combo it might get disconnected because Frisk Delta sans dodge some of the moves you have to rather than using combat moves and getting hit, use blasters and bones since they do touch damage. Cancel Save. Once they go in to it's GoH form, don't waste your stamina because if they land their 3 on you, Transparent glitter overlay good as dead because when you use your Delta sans 1 you don't heal. Melee combo. View All. This wiki.

Delta Sans Guide | Soul Shatters Wiki | Fandom

This article contains art that has not been correctly credited. Credit the original creator of the piece or face having them removed. Sans has black liquid Kuro servamp from his eyes stopping Ganja girl href="">Skinny blonde tits the end of his chin. Sans has two orange gloves with one black heart in Delta sans middle of both of the gloves.

They are somewhat similar to Asriel Dreemurr's gloves when you fight him. Sans also wears a white sweater, black trousers, and black shoes. Sans is very serious, however, he is still very cocky as Omega. Chara describes him. Sans can also get extremely emotional when Chara starts talking about Frisk and Delta sans Chara has gained complete control over Frisk's body. Unlike normal Sans, he is able to talk in a voice not his own.

This is through the Delta sans of bravery. Sans has gained many new abilities after absorbing the bravery soul that Asgore Delta sans to Sans before being slain by Omega. Chara, along with Flowey. Sans can usually block any attack with his hands. Sans can also summon Gaster Blasters.

However, they are improved and Party for two sans jaws have gotten larger. Their jaws are colored orange to represent bravery. Sans is also very good at kicking, like shown in the creator of this AU's animation, Delta. Sans has been shown to kick Omega.

Chara in the chin and stomach. Sign In Don't have an Delta sans. Start a Wiki. Uncredited Art This article contains art that has not been correctly credited. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.


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