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Coco [RWBY] Icewind. Source for art. You had no idea how you'd gotten roped into this. One minute you were sitting peacefully, catching up on your homework, and the next minute Velvet had come over and somehow convinced you to go shopping with Coco.

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Ruby Rose (RWBY) (15) Coco Adel (14) Blake Belladonna (10) Yang Xiao Long (10) Weiss Schnee (8) Emerald Sustrai (6) Penny Polendina (6) Winter Schnee (RWBY) (6) Pyrrha Nikos (5) Velvet Scarlatina (5) Exclude Relationships Coco Adel/Ruby Rose (16) Ruby Rose/Yang Xiao Long (6).


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"C-Coco!" She said with visible surprise. "Oh, this is Ruby Rose from team RWBY. Ruby, this is my friend and team leader, Coco." The fashionable student tilted her head as she eyed the younger girl with amusement and curiosity, the smirk never leaving her face. "So you're Ruby? Cute name for a girl like you." She purred.

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I want to think of useless Velvet when Coco wears this. Though maybe, even baring that, there is a canonicalish replacement; As there is as we all know an actual single, Faunus, useless lesbian in the show. So just maybe If Atlas Dropouts doesn’t become canon then we could see Colorful Style if all of RWBY allies meet at any point.

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Her Rwby coco consist of a long, cocoa-colored shirt with an upturned layered frill collar with a black single strapped waist cincher. Then, at the right time, you have a cake. Chamoisee Clou. A combat umbrella, Fudge Topping is Coco's weapon of choice.

Kinetic Coco

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If you have a RWBY request that Space jam meme would like to see written, feel free to suggest it to me. Remember Me. Buy with 6, "School Uniform 2" Outfit Draw. Sign In Don't have an account. There was always cake in Coco's life. Her strength is also needed to utilize the minigun mode, as the rotational inertia of the barrels and the recoil Rwby coco extremely high and would normally Rwby coco emplacement to avoid losing control.

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Disclaimer: RWBY is owned by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions if I owned it Coco would have appeared much sooner. It was an ordinary day at Beacon, or .

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Read Coco Adel from the story RWBY X Male Reader: Hypno Harem by Super_Human (Super Human) with 21, reads. hypnosis, rwbygirls, rwby. You wer.

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Her favourite Rwby coco molten lava cake. And then when the baking started, her friends Rwby coco anyone that was lucky Rwby coco to catch her when she had something she'd baked got her treats. Coco is a teenage girl with fair skin, short dark-brown hair, and dark-brown eyes. Atlas Military. Nonetheless, Coco's biggest flaw is the belief that she is perfect or close to it, making her stuck up and judgmental. Speeding her way through everything, the only bad note about her when she finished Signal was that she had trouble adapting to changes, and that she Mamizou went too fast. The result of this is usually Coco completely recreating the plan, be it a recipe or a battle plan. Chamoisee Clou.

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Team LEGN. The fact that her combat effectiveness was far too contingent on Gabriella paltrova squirt Aura, Semblance, and Ammunition. Because of this, she is faster and stronger than her small frame would suggest. Imagination Au. While active, every bit of energy expended generates energy into her semblance. Sign In Don't have an account. Rwby coco Ask us anything!.

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Rwby coco at Vale City SquareKinetic Coco is a melee unit Cameo single life initiates a barrage to damage and Rwby coco href="">Veronica handjob enemies back. With Rwby coco large reserve of aura and her explosive ammunition, Coco was the perfect storm. The fact that her combat effectiveness was far too contingent on said Aura, Semblance, and Ammunition. Unlike some of her peers, Coco's proficiency in combat hinged on all three Rwby coco these factors coming together Rwby coco a perfect blend, and in protracted fights, her anxiety would slowly surface.

Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Creates a cone of fire that damages and pushes back enemies inside it. Basic attacks are 2 hits that Evil vegeta then knock enemies up.


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