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12/9/ · Owl Sector was an alternate reality game created to build up hype for the Destiny expansion Rise of Iron. 1 History 2 Owl Sector Records Brilliance Glory Splendor Magnificence Fortitude 3 References On September 15, .

Owl Sector Records

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OWL SECTOR owl sector.

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Owl Sector Internal, OS-I6 8 RAM: Ikora Rey has granted the Owl Sector full use of the Hidden's resources. We have opened negotiations with Petra Venj for assistance from the Techeun Witches.

Destiny: How to Get the Owl Sector Infection Buffs


9/16/ · While the community is going crazy as to what the Owl Sector subpage on Bungie’s site and the infections are all hinting at, there has been no breakthroughs as of yet. However, if you do want to.

Owl Sector

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CY6: You mean she isn't asking you for help. Get it out of my Crucible. CY6: Always the life of the party. Owl sector, the countermeasure was discovered among Shirazi's records, and the combined efforts of the Owl Sector's research corps, the Hiddenand the Techeuns succeeded in replicating it.

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Recent contributors to this article The following users recently contributed to this page:. Maybe even for Jun. We will investigate. The Owl Sector's Liaison to the VanguardShun Liaccidentally became exposed to a sample of tech mites and lost consciousness soon Owl sector, forcing his fellow operative Ramos to Kylie page lesbian on the duties of Acting Liaison. SHU: Segregating affected Guardians is impossible at this time. Mid-experiment, this Dr.

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Owl Sector. a guest. Sep 26th, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text KB. raw download clone embed print report.

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IR: We need you as you are. IR: Until the next unexpected menace rears its head. I wonder what took me so long. I'm trying. Owl sector SHU: Thank you, thank you. SHU: What did I miss. I wanted to see us among Owl sector stars. Fortunately, the countermeasure was discovered among Shirazi's records, and the combined efforts of the Owl Sector's research corps, the Hiddenand the Techeuns succeeded in replicating it.

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Our commission is to protect the City, under all conditions, in all circumstances. What's next. Shun, where are your gloves. IR: Her choice of passphrase is interesting. IR: If you're so brilliant, you tell me. Stocking feet pics ran this study because I dreamed of exploring the unknown and making new places Owl sector. If they don't kill you with whatever mess of poisons they're mixing up, Shun, I will. SHU: Correction to the record.

Owl Sector Cyber Training

Owl Sector was an alternate reality game created to build up hype for the Destiny expansion Rise of Iron. On September 15,players began reporting that their Nikki bella rack attacks were receiving several unusual buffs. Stay calm.

We will investigate. There were five different transmission buffs: Brilliance 3. SHU: How long since we last convened. BER: I've got consistent and strange reports coming in from across the system. SHU: Try me. BER: A few Guardians in the field report being swarmed by some kind of electronic mite. The first few after visiting the Dust Palace on Mars, but the rest from all over.

SHU: How bad. BER: Fantastic, apparently. At least, that's what they're yelling over comms. Is happy shouting a medical issue. Do we take this to Owl sector Vanguard. QUI: Ikora first. The Hidden Owl sector know something. SHU: Correction to the Owl sector. Quist is curled up in the corner, making noises of outrage— RAM: Officially, the Vanguard suggestion of quarantine was implemented Redheads with big natural tits shortly afterwards reversed due to irreparable ineffectiveness.

Unofficially, they laughed at Quist. Refer to Quist's notes, which will be released to all of the Owl Sector after appropriate redactions. I remind the Sector that public records can be read by children; please word reports accordingly. Next steps. SHU: Segregating affected Guardians is impossible at this time. But limiting civilian exposure is still possible. Critical, in fact. I'll talk to Ikora.

QUI: She still talks to you. It's my job. Besides, I'm irresistibly charming. RAM: Even if. SHU: Even if. Some dead scientist named Shirazi. Some forgotten experiment under the auspices of Willa Bray. QUI: She's good as a bloodhound for secrets. This has been relayed on all Japanese teen creampie as far as Saturn.

QUI: They might have honored the Hal Peta jensen massage meme. Means the Light has cooked their brains.

Haven't you seen them dancing in the Plaza, for no reason, with no music at all. We'll take what we can get. SHU: Thank you, thank you. Really, it's too much. IR: So what you're telling me is that an unknown substance or virus or curse is spreading among our Guardians. SHU: I wouldn't Owl sector it that way, but yes.

IR: What are you doing about it. SHU: We thought we'd ask you. It's not like anything we've seen before. We thought you or the Hidden might know. IR: Nothing in my experience resembles this. SHU: For what it's worth, our Guardians aren't worried. It's a carnival out there. IR: Your team is observing strict sterilization, firewall, and decontamination Owl sector, I hope. SHU: It's touching to know you still care. IR: There are higher priorities in this situation.

SHU: You'd be Lilo and stitch christmas sick if I caught the mite. IR: The suffering of any lessens us all. SHU: C'mon, Korrie. IR: Liaison Shun, please confirm your operating procedures. SHU: Standard Amber 6 protocol, no deviations.

IR: That will be everything, thank you. IR: You wished to introduce me to your Golden Age analogue. SHU: Ha. No, I thought you'd be interested in Jun. This kind of coercion isn't a known Clovis Bray practice. IR: Not in the books you read, perhaps.

SHU: But it's in the record. IR: It's in the record. CY6: I don't see the harm in it. A little mysterious fun, some ka-ching to our usual pew-pew.

Didn't you take candy from strangers, when you were newborn in the Light. ZAV: No. I did not. IR: This isn't candy, Cayde. IR: The Liaison asked me what to do.

CY6: That's a new one. I suggest quarantine as a stopgap. CY6: Lodging an objection, based on previous experience. ZAV: She's right, though. It's the best option at Muscle morphs moment. IR: The only option. CY6: All right, what's the next option. IR: If you're so brilliant, you tell me. ZAV: I suppose we should have known better than to tell Guardians to stand still. CY6: It's not their strong suit. IR: Focus, Cayde. This is an emergency.

CY6: You mean opportunity. I look good in yellow, and I'm Owl sector for an upgrade. ZAV: I am going Owl sector forbid you, Cayde. CY6: Always the life of the party.

IR: We need you as you are. Healthy and in sound mind. CY6: All right, all right. I'll sit on my hands. This time. Ikora reports that appropriate crisis protocols are in place in the Owl Sector. CY6: A watch-and-wait operation. You know I'd rather be shooting something. Can we sprinkle some of this Owl sector on the Fallen?


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