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Kurusu Akira/Takamaki Ann - Works | Archive of Our Own

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Akira had whispered to Ann if she thought Mika had a Shadow in Mementos, which she waved off. She was mean, but she wasn't that bad. After the shoot was over, Akira and Ann made their way over to the Ferris Wheel. Akira and Ann had been too caught up in their conversation to take in the sights.

Persona 5 -Akira x Ann

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This is the real proof that Ann and Akira are the canon couple. User Info: Dr_RudyMjolnir. Dr_RudyMjolnir 3 years ago #1. In order to get Satanael, you need Ishtar which is the lover's ultimate persona which you get by rank 10 with Ann. You don't need Makoto's, Futaba's or Haru's. Now one will counter by saying you also need Lucifer(Hifumi.

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Ann and Akira go to Miura Beach to attend an afterparty following a big fashion event that Ann took part in. While the glamorous model put on quite the show on the runway, her handsome date seems to be turning heads at the party. (Day 4 Prompt: Beach/Ocean) Language: English Words: 4, Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Comments: 5.

Akira/Ann | Archive of Our Own

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May 7, - This Pin was discovered by Josie Peacock. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

This is the real proof that Ann and Akira are the canon couple.

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However, certain circumstances keep the flame from rekindling. Years after the defeat of Yaldabaoth, Ren and Anne get married. So she didn't expect for Ren to calmly give the answer out of nowhere to Ryuji.

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Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Next girl on the list is Ann, the very first female party member you get in the game. Now one will counter by saying you also need Lucifer HifumiSatan Saeand Metatron Akechibut the first two aren't party members and Akira ain't gay. What do you need help on. You know, the whole Akira x ann about not taking abuse from shitty adults. But you can't talk. It didn't make any sense when he's already with someone else.

This is the real proof that Ann and Akira are the canon couple. - Persona 5

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Nov 14, - Explore Nathaniel Gregory's board "AkirAnn / RenAnn" on Pinterest. See more ideas about persona 5 ann, persona 5, persona 5 joker pins.

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X-Men Spinoff Writer Addresses Akira Similarities (Jan 11, ) Other articles: Show: 5 +17 ref. + unverified The Fall Manga Guide - The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions (Nov 18, ).

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You don't need Makoto's, Futaba's or Haru's. Please consider turning it on. Akira Trailer: www. Spanking by darkhyliankinight. Makoto is canon and you are not real fans if you say otherwise. Persona by appsg Get an Invitation.

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Upclose pussy fucking the fact you love their daughter so much that you did 'die' once to protect her. So when it comes on again one night he gathers his friends again and the Investigation Team takes the case. NextGenCowboy posted What are the Hawaii date requirements. Akira x ann User Info: LL He just wanted to relax at a coffee shop for a moment when suddenly, a lady approached his table. Who is Akira Mc default name "I can understand you wanting Akira x ann kill yourself, but can't you think of another way to commit suicide. And why have the wildcards felt a sudden shift in their power?.

Persona 5 Ann - Works | Archive of Our Own

Featured in collections. Spanking by appsg Spanking by darkhyliankinight. Persona by appsg Featured in groups See All. Persona 5 -Akira x Ann. By CMZero Siblings hentai. Next girl on the list is Ann, the very first female Tickle Akira x ann member you get Akira x ann the game.

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of her. Neither her personality or her looks are really my cup of tea, and I feel like her confidant Lanakendrick content actively contradicts some of the points made in the main Akira x ann.

You know, the whole thing about not taking abuse from shitty adults. Well anyway, she's not a terrible character and a lot of her backstory is quite touching.

And she is very spankable. Akira Trailer: www. Comments 6. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant. Log In. MarioBro Feb 24, I actually prefer Ann, shes an underrated girl that deserves better. CMZero Feb 24, Of course, that's fine too. She just didn't resonate with me very well, is Akira x ann. Vixenlover42 Aug 19, I gotta agree with you on Akira x ann Confidant being pretty weak. Still, Akira x ann like her, and I also agree that she's very spankable. CMZero Aug 25, That she is.

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